Monday, March 24, 2014

"Meet Me at the Movies, and Let's Make Memories"


Sunday, April 27, 2014
1:30  to 3:30 p.m.
Jewish Community Campus of Rockland
450 West Nyack Road, West Nyack, NY

A one-of-a-kind interactive film event
designed specifically for people living with memory loss.

Short clips from classic films will be shown, followed by audience discussion and reminiscence, guided by ARTZ™ Facilitators. People of all ages are encouraged to attend.

Free Admission, Popcorn and Drinks

Pre-registration required.
or call Maria Paliotta,  Alzheimer’s Association, 800.272.3900

Co-Sponsored by:

The I'm Still Here Foundation
The Alzheimer's Association
Rockland Jewish Family Service
Hearthstone Alzheimer Care

Friday, March 14, 2014

"Facing Alzheimer's Disease: Improving Quality of Life" -- Theme of 2014 Spring Educational Conference

Join us for the Hudson Valley/Rockland/Westchester, NY Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association's Spring Educational Conference, Facing Alzheimer's Disease: Improving Quality of Life on Monday, April 28, from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown, New York. Kicking off the conference will be Sharon Johnson, who will speak on "Montessori-based Activity Programming (MAP) for Persons with Dementia." Ms. Johnson is the director of the Hearthstone Institute, an organization that teaches the non-pharmacologic principles of Hearthstone's I'm Still Here philosophy, including the innovative use of Montessori-based principles in dementia care.    

Ms. Johnson has worked with orgnaizations throughout the world including France, Australia, and Brazil, as well as many in the U.S. to bring Hearthstone's message of hope to those living with the challenges of memory impairment.

Our second speaker, Dr. Rebecca Rooney, a Goshen-based psychologist, will speak on the emotional aspects of being a caregiver. Dr. Rooney's work focuses on the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral health issues. As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Rooney uses psychotherapy and other counseling skills to improve emotional and mental health.
The conference will close with Marianne Sciucco, author of “Blue Hydrangeas,” which won the IndieReCon Best Indie Novel Award. Ms. Sciucco is a nurse who worked in long-term-care and witnessed first-hand the impact Alzheimer’s disease has on the person diagnosed, as well as the family members. She studied writing as an English major at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and worked for a time as a newspaper reporter in New England.  In 2002, she put the two together and began writing about the intricate lives of people struggling with health and family issues. Ms. Sciucco is a school nurse at a community college in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley. Her presentation includes readings from her book and sharing her knowledge with attendees.

The registration fee is $15 per person (family) and $30 per person (professional). To register, please call 800.272.3900 or go to the Alzheimer's Association's website: Space is limited, and registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Checkoff" your support for a world without Alzheimer's

Keep those living with Alzheimer's in mind when filing your New York State taxes this year.

Tax Form IT-201

New York taxpayers can quickly and easily “checkoff” their support for the Alzheimer’s Association vision of a world without Alzheimer’s. You may make voluntary contributions to the funds listed below. Enter the whole dollar amount (no cents, please) of your contribution(s) in the amount boxes (lines 60d). Enter the total amount of all your contributions combined on line 60. Your contribution(s) will reduce your refund or increase your tax payment. You cannot change the amount(s) you give after you file your return.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Your Voice Needed: the Rally to End Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s isn’t an “old person’s disease”
Over 320,000 New Yorkers suffer from Alzheimer’s
One million have a partner, a parent
or a friend who is a caregiver

$10 includes attendance, lunch & bus, from the lower and Mid-Hudson Valley!

Register by emailing Michele at or 800.272.3900

For more information visit us on Facebook or on the Web: